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Azumanga Daioh

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Smash Bros. Lawl X




Dr. Robotnik


Neutral B - Tray AttackEdit

Tomo leaps into the air and crashes into her opponent causing them damage, or when she gets to the end of a ledge or tha stage. This attack can be charged which does more damage and more further.

Side B - Fortune BoxEdit

Tomo gets a fortune telling box. While holding it, Tomo can able to walk and jump, but the downside is she cannot attack or put the box away from her. If she's too close to her opponent, he/she touches you. When this happend, the opponent draws from the box Chuukichi, which means Good Luck or Kyo, which mean Bad Luck. When is Good Luck, he/she recieved damage in half or when is Kyo, it doubles the damage. To increase of chance getting a Chuukichi for the opponent or Kyo for the partner, just shake the box while walking, running or jumping. This effect ends when the player that drawn or Tomo gets K.O.'d, she cannot use it until is happens.

Up B - Cat SuitEdit

Tomo gets into her cat suit and flaps her arms and flies in 4 directions. Don't mention that you can actually hit the opponent while flaping her arms like a maniac in a cat suit, damaging in a process, similar to Cage's Side B.

Down B - Test of StrengthEdit

Tomo gets two buckets of water from her hands while holding it. Is a good move to increase her attacks, but when 20 seconds is passed, she collapse and damages herself, it can also be cancelled by simply press B.

Final Smash - CaipirinhaEdit

Tomo does her trademark dance, which dances all of her opponents excluding the last one, while doing this she's invincible to everything, but the opponent can attack the other opponent while dancing, but when someone touches her, the opponent will get damaged but the opponents cannot move until the Final Smash is over.


Up Taunt: (Tells the story about Koyomi's Bread, in Japanese)

Side Taunt: Dances the Caipirihna, while saying "Tomo, Tomo..."

Down Taunt: "Laughs"

Character DescriptionEdit

Tomo Takino is extremely energetic and competitive, despite being nonathletic and a slacker at the same time. She tends to irritate everyone around her, especially Yomi, who has been her classmate since elementary school. Tomo's character is extremely impulsive and never considers nor cares about the consequences of anything she says or does. However, on the occasions when Tomo has actually been inspired to concentrate on something, she has demonstrated that she is quite capable. She succeeded in gaining the grades needed to qualify for the same high school as Yomi, though Yomi ridiculed her and openly said that there was no way that she could do so. Once Tomo began attending high school, however, she returned to her lackadaisical ways.


Smash bros Lawl X Character Moveset - Tomo Takino

Smash bros Lawl X Character Moveset - Tomo Takino