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Smash Bros. ARL






Smoke of the BrawlerEdit

The Spy appears on the battlefield from a cloud of smoke.


Neutral B - RevolverEdit

The Spy use it his Secondary Weapon, The Revolver. For every six bullet you fire, you wait to wait 5 second before begin able to fire again, prevention you to spam.

Side B - CloakEdit

Spy use him ability, Cloak, or cloaking, that made his influenced. You will cloak horizontally through a certain distance with this move. Of course, you are invulnerable while you dissappear, making it handy to escape through harmful projectiles.

Up B - Dead RingerEdit

The Dead Ringer is an PDA weapon for the Spy that leave behind a fake Spy corpse to distract, while the real Spy deceive the enemies. In this case, it give you some time of invincibility while you are recloaking. But be careful, the more you use this move, the bigger the damage you gain, due to the Spy gaining damage while doing this move(The max being 25%).

Down B - DisguiseEdit

The Disguise Kit lets The Spy take on the form of any class on either team, allowing him to blend in while behind enemy lines before stabbing his unsuspecting "teammates" in the back. In this case, the Spy's Mask will you disguise as the nearest opponent within a limited range. The mask will also steal a emery Nertual's B Move, which is redone in the Spy's own sneaky way. In this state, you can walk back, front, and jump(No Double Jump). If you got get hit by a 25% worth damage with the mask on, it automatically undisguised you, bearing the string. If both string of the mask are broken, you be unable to disguised as anyone even until you lose a stock. You can also remove the mask by taunting, it dosen't waste a string, thus.

Final Smash - Right behind youEdit

The Spy disappear and reappear right behind one of opponent, causing a realistically knock out.


Up Taunt: brushes off his coat and adjusts his tie

Side Taunt: "You're all quite out of your debt!" holds out a Revolver

Down Taunt: crouches down, wiggles his fingers, and shakes his derriere

Character DescriptionEdit


Super Smash Bros ARL Character Moveset - Spy

Super Smash Bros ARL Character Moveset - Spy