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Neutral B - Drive FormEdit

Sora changes into Drive Form. He has four forms he can choose:

  • Valour Form: You can use it by defeault. His attacks are doubled and inflicts the damage twice.
  • Wisdom Form: You can use it when you have 50% of damage. His speed is doubled and his Melee Attacks become Shooting Attacks.
  • Master form: You can use it when you have 100% of damage. He's invicible and more powerful.
  • Final Form: You can use it when you have 200% of damage. He twices all his stats, he's invensible and he's able to do infinite jumps.

Every 4 forms lasts for 20 seconds, and cannot use it until a minute is passed.

Side B- Slide DashEdit

Sora dashes at high speed at his opponent and proceeds a combo attack with his keyblade by pressing A. No matter where the opponent is or what he's hit him, he will dash to the opponent without fail. Use it while using your standard combo to make it more powerful.

Up B- GravityEdit

Sora casts gravity to all of his opponent for 10 seconds, all of the opponents cannot jump. This disables the Up B, unless they don't necessarily require jumping such as Grappling Hook and Raku-Chan's Ear Rape . You have to wait for 30 seconds to use it again.

Down B- Ally SummonEdit

Sora summons one of his friends: Donald or Goofy. You can only use one at the time.

  • Donald: He will follow behind Sora. Pressing Down B will cast one of his four spells, Fire (Burning the opponent), Ice (Freezing the opponent), Lightning (Stuns the opponent) and Cure (Restores Sora's 10% of his heath).
  • Goofy: He stays in front of Sora. Pressing Down B will cause Goofy charging forwards with his shield at his opponent, he will stop if the player presses Down B again.

Like the SSE enemies, Goofy or Donald can be KOed. Sora will able to summon again. The move is also disabled during Drive form. If Valour is used, he can't use Goofy, if Wisdom is used, he can't use Donald, if Master or Final are used, you can't use either of them.

Final Smash- Sealing the KeyholeEdit

Sora seals the keyhole with his keyblade, this KOes the opponent with most darkness in their heart.


Up: "I bet that you can't either fight"

Sd: "Your are bizzare"

Dn: "Say that again!"


  • Sora is also a playable character in the Super Smash Bros. fan game, Smash Flash 2. It was rumored that Agito would use that moveset, but he used a completely new one.
  • There was an error in Sora's neutral B that showed it cause damage than it should. It's been explained that taking off a 0 shows what the accurate damage would be.


Smash bros Lawl X Character Moveset - Sora

Smash bros Lawl X Character Moveset - Sora