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Super Smash Bros Lawl Nexus


Fell on My Keys (Lawl Nexus) Edit

Shrek rapidly falls from the sky. When he hits the ground, he says, "I think I fell on my keys."

Special MovesEdit

B - Fire FartEdit

Shrek farts out a blast of fire. It will explode when it hits the stage, another projectile or an opponent. It does around 4 damage.

Side B - Ogre SlideEdit

Shrek slides along the ground with his legs in front. It does around 8 damage.

Up B - Ogre UppercutEdit

Shrek jumps into the air and uppercuts. It deals around 4 damage. However, Shrek doesn't jump very far and the heavier the target, the less knockback the move has.

Down B - Belch AttackEdit

Shrek burps and a gas cloud comes out of his mouth, dealing around 4 damage.

Final Smash - Ogre RoarEdit

Shrek lets out a mighty roar. Shrek can't move during the roar. Anyone who isn't hit by the sound wave of the roar and is touching the ground is poisoned due to Shrek's bad breath.


KOSFX 1: Shrek yells, "I'll kill that..." before getting KOed.

KOSFX 2: Shrek yells, "NO!"

Star KO: Shrek rotates rapidly in the air before he gets KOed.

Screen KO: Shrek rapidly hits the screen before falling down.


Up: Shrek says, "For your information, there's a lot more to ogres than people think."

Sd: Shrek yells, "YEAH!!"

Dn: Shrek says, "You were expecting Prince Charming."

Victory Options+FailureEdit

Victory 1: A crowd cheers, "Shrek! Shrek! Shrek!"

Victory 2: Shrek flexes and cheers with Donkey.

Victory 3: Shrek jumps in the air with Fiona and his friends and a freeze frame happens.

Lose/Clap: Shrek does the gasping face from Shrek 3.

Pros & ConsEdit


He is a heavy character and comfy at both melee and ranged combat.


He's pretty slow and his recovery move, the Ogre Uppercut, doesn't jump very high.


The "S" in the Shrek logo.


Super Smash Bros Lawl Nexus Character Moveset Shrek (Part 1)

Super Smash Bros Lawl Nexus Character Moveset Shrek (Part 1)

Super Smash Bros Lawl Nexus Character Moveset Shrek (Part 2)

Super Smash Bros Lawl Nexus Character Moveset Shrek (Part 2)

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