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Big Bang Theory

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Skapokon's Smash Bros. Lawl




Standard B - PaintballEdit

Sheldon uses a Painball gun to shoot a paintball. The paintball can be of four colors: Red, Blue, Yellow and Green (The Player's colors). Sheldon's color makes more damage and knockback than the others, enemy's color doesn't anything, and the rest do damage without knockback. If the Painball falls on the ground, it becames a slip trap.

Side B - ZOOM ZOOMEdit

Sheldon will disguise as his favorite Superhero: Flash, and he will start running while he is saying "ZOOM ZOOM". This attack works like Wario's Bike. Running and Jumping. If you press A, Sheldon will stop. If you press B, Sheldon will drop a Banana (That becomes a trap) and he dashes forward with more speed and damage. This will finish the attack.

Up B - Doppler EffectEdit

Sheldon disguises as the Doppler Effect and he flies upward doing a weird sound. As the Doppler Effect, Sheldon can absorb enemies and proyectiles and throw them off.

Down B - Luminous FishEdit

Sheldon puts his Lamp Fish in front of him. Now, you have a limited movement (Like Leonidas' Down . If someone touches the lamp fish, he/she will be stunned (no damage). But, if you press B, the Lamp Fish will make an spark of light. Doing 3 sparks, pressing Down B or getting damage (Sheldon, not the fish) will end the attack.

Final Smash - Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, SpockEdit

Sheldon suggests to play "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock" confusing the enemy. Then, you must press a button to choose one of the posibles choices:

Up: Rock

Sides: Paper

Down: Scissors

A: Lizard

B: Spock

If Sheldon wins, the enemy recieves 80% of damage. The rules of the game can be found here


Up Taunt: BAZINGA!

Side Taunt: Bazinga danke

Down Taunt: Bazinga. Nehme ich an

Moveset ThemeEdit


Super Smash Bros Lawl Nova Moveset Sheldon Cooper

Super Smash Bros Lawl Nova Moveset Sheldon Cooper