Team Fortress 2

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Neutral B: FlamethrowerEdit

The Pyro will use their flamethrower to give damage to enemies. After pressing B, the Pyro can move freely to chase fleeing opponents. Tapping B twice in quick succession will perform an airblast, which will reflect most ranged projectiles. The Pyro only has 3 on each stock.

Move originEdit

As well as fire itself, the Flamethrower is the default primary for the Pyro.

Side B: Flare GunEdit

The Pyro will fire their Flare Gun, which the flare will fly through the air and explode upon reaching a certain distance or hitting a wall or player. The damage will be equivalent to that of one hit from a flamethrower.

Move originEdit

The Flare Gun is a Secondary weapon that the Pyro can use.

Up B: Compression Blast JumpEdit

The Pyro will point their Flamethrower downwards and perform an airblast to give them a boost upwards.

Move originEdit

The airblast is a key component to the Flamethrower, although in Team Fortress 2 it does not boost the Pyro upward.

Down B: Burning MagazineEdit

The Pyro will throw a magazine that has caught on fire. This turns into a fire trap which the Pyro cannot be affected by. There can be two on at a time, and the Pyro can put them away or throw them around more. Each will extinguish after 15 seconds have passed.

Move originEdit

This may be a reference to the ending sequence of Meet the Medic, where the Pyro is trying to light a magazine with a small lighter.

Final Smash: HadoukenEdit

The Pyro will charge up a fireball between their hands, before releasing a giant fireball that will drag opponents to death. This attack works similarly to the Mario Finale.

Move originEdit

The Hadouken was a taunt attack attached to most secondary weapons for the Pyro in Team Fortress 2.


Up: The Pyro lifts their Flamethrower, laughing maniacally.

Side: The Pyro plays their Fire Axe like a guitar.

Down: The Pyro laughs quietly.


  • The video's only outdated source is, in fact, the victory themes - the Heavy is no longer cartoonish, and the Pyro's third option is outdated.
  • The Pyro's Flare Gun actually works more like the Detonator.
  • The Down B inspiration clip involves a discontinued YouTube Poop made by ARL3.
  • This moveset marks the first appearance of the Demoman.


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