entrence:here's renty!

normal B:computer CRASH!:he sets up the move when the computer starts crashing into the opponments giving them 10% damage

up B:frige :he throws a frige giving 12% damage threre's a chang he throws tons of friges

down B:sofa jump :a sofa appears jumping on the sofa will let springs to pop out giving 64% damage

side B:sound boom:he flip's out a sound box preses a button the soundbox will explode! with 75% damage!

final smash:rental combo :he goes rentel combo giving oppenments 100% damage!

KO sound #1 aahh!

KO sound #2 ow!


screen KO sound:DOH!

up taunt:i am mr. rentel

down taunt:AAAHH! call mr. rentel!

side taunt:i rent one!

pose 1:YAY! free

pose 2:here's to renty!

pose 3:runs

losing pose:burned up