Mr. Bean
"If you know what I mean..."


Mr. Bean


Mr. Bean (1990-1995)

Appears in

Smash Bros. Lawl X






Michael Rosen


Neutral B: Lethal InjectionEdit

Mr.nBean gives the opponent an injection. During 30 seconds, one of the opponent's moves will be cancelled. Unlike Kneesocks' Rurus, Mr. Bean can also cancel Normal Attacks, Grabs, or habilities like Walking, Jumping, Running, Double Jumping, Swimming, Ducking, Crawling or Turning to left or Right. If you inject the same opponent before the 30 seconds run out, it will cancel another move along with the first cancelled move

Side B: Roll UpEdit

Mr. Bean flips over an opponent on the floor and he rolls him/her forward for 3 steps. Anyone who touches Mr. Bean when he's rolling the opponent receive damage. Be careful, because you can get KOed along with the opponent if you do it near of a ledge

Up B: The Ride of DoomEdit

Mr. Bean rides on the Doom Ride's Chair, which starts moving back and forward really fast (Causing damage) before it throws Mr. Bean in the air. Everybody who's on Mr. Bean's way get damaged as well.

Down B: Explosive PaintEdit

Mr. Bean places a Paint Bucket with Dynamite, which explodes after 5 seconds. The closer you are to the explosion, the more damage you receive. The explosion causes the opponents to be painted for a seconds, and it leaves paint puddles that opponents can slip with.

Final Smash: Dramatic PerformanceEdit

Mr. Bean starts singing and doing a performance. All the opponents will come to him to be his audience. Eventually, Mr Bean grabs one of the opponents and makes him/her to join his performance. Mr. Bean continues singing, as well as walking to the nearest ledge, dropping the enemy off the stage, causing a KO.


Up Taunt: Shows his middle fingers

Side Taunt: Crosses his arms and says "Brace yourself"

Down Taunt: "Magic! *Snort Snort*"


  • Agito originally wanted to do Toon Bean (From Mr Bean's Cartoon). However, Daniel Clayton suggested him to do the Real Live version instead, since many people like him more.


Smash bros Lawl X Character Moveset - Mr Bean

Smash bros Lawl X Character Moveset - Mr Bean