Nyan~! Neko Sugar Girls

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Smash Bros. Lawl X





Hitoshi is a Gay Main Character from Nyan~! Neko Sugar Girls.


Neutral B - Gay FantasyEdit

A thought bubble appears above Hitoshi showing a gay fantasy of his. It doesn't cause any damage but it is rather distracting. The move can't be cancelled. You'll have to wait until he's done with the fantasy or Attacking.

Side B - PukeEdit

Hitoshi pukes into a bucket for a while. When he's done, he can throw the bucket at either side of him. If it hits someone, it doesn't cause any damage, it just slows them down. While holding the bucket, Hitoshi is unable to move. If he's attacked while puking, the move is cancelled. It will also be cancelled if he's attacked while holding the bucket, causing him to drop it on himself slowing him down.

Up B - Raku-chan's ear rapeEdit

Raku appears on the stage and starts screaming for a few seconds before dissappearing. The closer you are to Raku, the more damage you'll recieve. Unfortunately, Raku appears right next to Hitoshi so he'll recieve the worst damage. The shockwaves slowly push people away from her. If Hitoshi does it in the air, she'll appear underneath him, pushing him up a little bit.

Down B - PockyEdit

A table appears and Hitoshi sits at it. After making a long announcement of what he's eating, he'll finally eat a pocky which will heal 1% damage.

Final Smash - Horrible SingingEdit

Hitoshi using his Singing voice for the opponents. His Final Attack did not do anything. He Keeps his singing voice is so horrible until he's falling.


Down Taunt- What...are we going to do with her?

Side Taunt- Nyan~! Rawr~!

Up Taunt- Keep moving on...

Character DescriptionEdit

Hitoshi-san is one of the main characters in Nyan~! Neko Sugar Girls. He is well known as a joker, and for his dashing "good looks". He seems to be the butt of some of the jokes in the series. Hitoshi-san makes the catchy catch phrases in the series, such as "Nya, rawr~". He is Raku-chan's love interest in the series and possibly bi for the fact of fantasizing about Geoff. Hitoshi actually cares for his friends and is pair with both Koneko-chan and Raku-chan, Geoff. It already proven from the christmas special the Geoff/Hitoshi actually may be canon.


  • The moveset was uploaded twice, since the first version was Glitchy because Agito90 had problems with VideoPad


Smash Bros Lawl Character Moveset - Hitoshi

Smash Bros Lawl Character Moveset - Hitoshi


Fixed VersionEdit

SBL X Character moveset Hitoshi Part 1 (Fixed Version)

SBL X Character moveset Hitoshi Part 1 (Fixed Version)


SBL X Character moveset Hitoshi Part 2 (Fixed Version)

SBL X Character moveset Hitoshi Part 2 (Fixed Version)