Gideon Gleeful




Gravity Falls

Appears in

Smash Bros Cartoon Brawl


Sky SaveEdit

Gideon slowly falls down and then lands on the ground of the battlefield.

Special AttacksEdit

Neutral B - Oops, Dropped OneEdit

Gideon Supposedly "Accidentally Drops" a Tomato into his opponents. Either Gideon can throw it forward, or throw it on the ground, slipping any opponents in his way.

Side B - Psycic ThrowEdit

Gideon used the Psycic Throw, this barely does any damage but cause the opponent a knock back. If you use this attack wisely you can throw the opponents off ledges

Up B - Bird RiseEdit

Gideon sends out birds while psychically ascending. The birds will damage anyone in their way.

Down B - Mystery BookEdit

If you use this attack one of those monster will appear out of the book.

Name Chance
Gnome Arm 48%
Wax Figure 45%
Gobblewonker 7%

Final Smash - Lil' Ol' MeEdit

Gideon's special has him dancing around for a few seconds, but when he's done he sends out fireworks. That will damage anyone who touched it. This is resulting in about 70-120% of damage.


Up Taunt: "Where others are blind, I am hugely inclined."

Side:Taunt "I sense that you've been here before."

Down Taunt: "Her visitor." *ding*


Super Cartoon Bros Brawl Moveset - Gideon

Super Cartoon Bros Brawl Moveset - Gideon