Battle For Dream Island


Battle For Dream Island

Appears in

Inanimate Smackdown


Neutral B:Look Out!Edit

Sort of a Weird Move. Although Usually used to Damage Enemies, it Can Also be used to Counter Projectiles

Side B:Ice NeedleEdit

His Ice Syringe Needle Can Freeze Opponents From Long Distances But Lasts very Shortly

Up B:igniteEdit

Similar To Irate Gamer's Up B, but the explosion hits the opponent too

Down B:Acid SpitballsEdit

For Every Second The Opponent is in The Air After Getting Hit By an Acid Spitball Causes 15 Damage and After Being hit by the Acid Spitball Theres a 25% Chance the Opponent Could Get Poisoned

Final Smash:Lifesaving FallEdit

The Hand Powered Recovery Center appears in the stage that KO's the Opponent


Taunt Up: Don't even do that

Taunt Side: This scare safe as me hour of line

Taunt Down: Duh


Victory 1: that better needle:what?

Victory 2: Alright You Need to calm down!

Victory 3: Sounds Good, needle, Lets Get Yoyge Berrys!!! Needle:yah!

Victory 4 (against Book): Haha! she was very well read!

Victory 5: (agaisnt ruby) Dont ever do that again ruby:sorry...


Inanimate Smackdown Character Moveset - Gelatin

Inanimate Smackdown Character Moveset - Gelatin