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Appears in

Aitor Molina's Smash Bros. Lawl




Ke Ai Mens? (Wazzup, Mens?)Edit

Epic Gamer appears at his table and then gets up to do battle.

Special AttacksEdit

Neutral B - YinunEdit

Epic Gamer will read over his fanfiction of Yinundurf, boring opponents nearby. Some of the stuff he's written in it is "Yinundurf wondered for years on the Yinun Prairie; Until he arrived to Yinun-dorf Capital." Not much else can be said about it, apparently.

Side B - ToysEdit

Epic Gamer will throw his toys to hurt opponents. You can also throw them upwards. When the toys disappear, you can throw more.

Up B - Super Coiny JumpEdit

Epic Gamer does an uppercut that produces coins. Basically, it's a Mario rip-off to hurt and generate coins...which are objects.

Down B - PilingEdit

Epic Gamer piles any nearby object on the ground. Coins are easier to generate and their main purpose is to be pilable objects. The pile will have to be big enough to become a proper barricade, able to protect you from getting hit. Strong attacks are their kryptonite. If some objects have effects, they either hurt opponents or cure Epic Gamer (ex: To strengthen your barricade, you can stack up Dross' farted pizza and Silva's shots; therefore Dross gets poisoned by his own pizza and Silva gets drunk or Epic Gamer heals upon the destruction of that barricade).

Final Smash - Bet on the Middle of Actual ParisEdit

For this final smash, Epic Gamer has to be near an opponent in order to shake hands with him. Then the opponent's health rockets up by 252%, no matter how it was.


Up Taunt: "The animal lover."

Side Taunt: "Shit from a whore, EWEWEW!"

Down Taunt: "What do you think about the otakus?"

Victory Options+Failure/ClapEdit

1. "But we'll try again...because we don't give up."

2. "GROOOUS, until the next time!"

3. laughs as he holds his fanfiction

Failure/Clap: Mouth agape

Nostalgia Skapokon AnalysisEdit

NS: "Wazzap mens...I'm Nostalgia Skapokon, the Lawl analyzer. And if you want to know my level of...knowledge...just remember the characters who were previously reviewed. He's EpicGamer252...and his style is based on...piling this. And what is it's purpose? It has no purpose at all. But he has some other attacks...Skyrim attacks...attacks of...YOUR FACE! And don't forget to subscribe, he has some wonderful videos. Yes, sir..."

Character DescriptionEdit


Classic Mode/Arcade ModeEdit

Tutorial: Raoul Silva

1. Bane: Because HIS FACE

2. Walt Kowalski: He hates children

3. Toon Madotsuki: She's also an unknown YTP source

4. Megan Fox: Epic Gamer likes hot women

5. Jaime Casas Mayoral: He trolls Epic Gamer

6. Salvador Dali: Both are Spanish eccentrics

7. CWC: Both have bizarre fanfictions

8. Su_morenito_19 (Zorman): Epic Gamer dislikes Cani people

9. Voltiok Atomic: Both make music in their videos

10. Celio Hogane: Another underrated YouTube star

Moveset ThemeEdit

Bully: Scholarship Edition - Vs. Nerds


  • Aitor said at the end of the video that he'll do a top 10 of the suggested characters.


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Smash Bros Moveset - Epic Gamer