intro:carpet roll


normal b: BANG! BANG! BANG!

he makes guns with his hands while shooting bullets

side b:adult swim

he puts out a "ADULT SWIM" sign but if fighting adult swim charaters it will confuse them during that if you going behind them you use a other sign it will make them dizzy but you have to wait 12 mintes to use it again

up b:luligi

luligi comes on the stage does his moves moves: bagel roll spaghetti rope steroids death stare

down b:shell kick

he kicks a shell

final smash :the same game

Mario:this is just the same lawl but with different fighters &different stages not to mention I gonna KILL YOU OFF THIS STAGE!!!!!!! he wil summon a giant bullet bill or mega thwomp

ko 1 :ow!

ko 2:AH!



up taunt:what kind of game is this?

down taunt:HAHAHA


pose2:oh ha


lose pose:sits

stage:dorkly mushroom kingdom

hits:1 8 16 32 64 75 86 97