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Classic Sonic




Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega Mega Drive/Genesis)

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Smash Bros Fortress Lawl



Classic Sonic. Yeah the first design of Sonic the Hedgehog from Naoto Ōshima and Yuji Naka from 1991. But did you know he was originally going to be in brawl as a unlockable costume for Sonic? Well looking at all the brawl hacks on brawl vault i think so. So here's a cheap arse moveset description by sonictheimmeenpootis.

Special MovesEdit

Neutral B - SpindashEdit

It works similar to Modern Sonic's spindash in Brawl but it has the charge up time to Sonic Generations, you can only go in one direction much like the original Mega Drive/Genesis games and if you just press the button he would do the somersault from Sonic Advance and Sonic Adventure 2.

Side B - Beam SonicEdit

Its pretty simple it works like the mega buster from megaman 5 with a waddle doo hat.

Up B - Jet ShoesEdit

It can work similar to the Heavy's up B but you can't aerial attack, lasts 4-5 seconds and players take damage when touching the sparks under his shoes. One thing I forgot to mention in my video is that when pressing the A button after using the Jet Shoes you will do a spin.

Down B - TEAM!!!Edit

Classic Sonic will call Tails or Knuckles with the voice of the medic to do damage against the opponents. Tails will do the Spindash across the stage floor and Knuckles will glide into opponents (with the voice of Homer Simpson for some reason).

Final Smash - Infamous Game SmashEdit

When the final smash is triggered Classic Sonic will say "If I was dreaming this wouldn't exist" and then a random game that is infamous for its reputation like Sonic 06 or Ninjabread Man will fly towards the opponents and touching it will deal with a lot of damage. But due to the size of the case it is possible to dodge the final smash so this makes it more of a balanced final smash. Inspired by balenaproduction's Sonic Warped


Up Taunt : "Hey guys better luck next time."

Side Taunt: "Hehe"

Down Taunt: "You knuckle heads ain't even worth the effort"


Smash Bros Fortress Lawl Moveset - Classic Sonic

Smash Bros Fortress Lawl Moveset - Classic Sonic