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The Legend Of Zelda, Zelda CD-i


Link: The Faces of Evil (1993)
Zelda: Wand of Gamelon (1993)

Appears in

Smash Bros. Lawl (Assist Trophy)
YTPGuy17's and Smash Lawler's Smash Bros Lawl (Playable)




Defensive (YTPGuy17) Powahouse, Boss (Smash lawler)


Assist Trophy(Original)Edit

Ganon is an Assist Trophy in Smash Bros. Lawl. When summoned, He Brings his thunder with no fixed pattern.

Special AttacksEdit

Smash LawlerEdit

Neutral B - MinionEdit

Ganon summons one of his 3 minions. They follow him around like Nana from Ice Climber. If any of them are used in Ganon's standard attacks, the power will be doubled. Minions can be beaten when you've taken too much damage.


Upon tapping B, Ganon demands Hectan to keep the runt in chains, which he attacks with. If you hold down B while Hectan's out, he'll charge up a Magical Firework (release B to deploy the attack).


Upon tapping B, Harlequin stomps a nearby opponent into the ground. It'll bury them (alive).If you hold B, Harlequin deploys a shield that absorbs up to 4 opposing projectiles/melee attacks. Upon the 5th attack, the energy is unloaded onto the attacker. Also, the prjectiles that hit the shield become throwable items.


Upon tapping B, Miltron swings forth his sword. You can hold down B to charge up a Red Diamond sword attack.

Move OriginEdit

As Gnownam says in the beginning: "Ganon and his minions has taken the Island of Koridai!"

Side B - Fire BlastEdit

Ganon shoots a ball of fire that has a skull face. Depending on the opponent's location, they aim straight up or down. You can hold down B to shoot a bigger fireball. When it hits someone, it becomes a fire trap (similar to Ness's PK Fire). However, you can only do with one at a time. The flames will also cause harm to Ganon and they'll decipate after 15 seconds pass.

Move OriginEdit

In both of Ganon's Battle, he shoots Fire to the player.

Up B - TeleportEdit

Ganon flashes a lightning effect and then disappears. You can move the analog stick in any direction you want him to reappear in. The distance is short, but it's fair since Ganon has 4 jumps and the ability to glide.

Move OriginEdit

In the FoE cutscene where Ganon takes Zelda, he appears by teleporting.

Down B - ThunderEdit

Ganon shoots thunder out of his hands. There's not really much to say about it aside from it's a basic thunder attack with good knockback. You can use it to troll people like when they recover.

Move OriginEdit

Before Ganon's Battle in WoG, there is a Cutscene where Ganon attacks Zelda with his Thunder, tough, he never attacked like that in the actual battle.

Final Smash - Lord GanonEdit

A cutscene plays, showing the 3rd piece of the Triforce joining the other 2 pieces Ganon already seems to have. He then transforms into Lord Ganon and gains a different moveset.

Neutral B - Triple Eye BeamEdit

Ganon shoots 3 short-range lasers from what look like his eyeholes. This is basically a multi-hit attack.

Side B - Exploding ClawEdit

Ganon's red parts turn green and he then shoots the blade of his claw sword, which explodes upon contact.

Up B - Mega TeleportEdit

It's basically like the regular one only a lot quicker.

Down B - Vampiric ShieldEdit

Ganon holds his shield up, which deflects opposing attacks lickety-split.

If the 20-second time limit comes to an end and there's at least 1 opponent left on the battlefield, all will turn dark as Ganon teleports away. His head then appears as he gives a violent roar. He then shoots 2 red lasers from his possible eyeholes. During his reversion back to normal, he'll start to explode a few times and then glows red as he demonically says "You haven't seen the last of me!" He then falls over and takes 30% damage.


Neutral B: Dark FireEdit

Similar to Smash Lawler. Ganon creates a dark fire soul which follows the nearest oponent, until it touches something. You can shoot them continually. However, to prevent Spam, the dark fire are continually becoming smaller and smaller making less damage. The attack becames more powerful as you don't use it. This attack can be charged to shoot a big Dark Fire (Similar to Ophelia Chill's Amulet Blast).

Move OriginEdit

See: Smash Lawler's Side B

Side B: ElectroboltEdit

Pressing Side B allows Ganon to fire a long ranged lightning bolt that stuns opponents. The longer the lightning bolt travels, the longer the opponent will be stunned. Charging the attack lets Ganon release a close ranged attack with his lighting that does great damage. The charged attack can also stop projectiles and turn them into items.

Move OriginEdit

See: Smash Lawler's Down B

Up B: Nightmare CaptureEdit

Up B lets Ganon hover through the air like a ghostly being. Here, he will grab the first opponent he touches and will take them up into the air with him and will throw them to the side. The opponent will be thrown farther depending on how much damage they have. Pressing B at the height of his flight makes Ganon throw the opponent downwards instead, with a 1/7 chance of making them sleep.

Move OriginEdit

In The Faces of Evil, when Gwonam shows Link a vision of Zelda being captured, Ganon hovers over her in her sleep, delivering a chilling rhyme while claiming her as a prisoner.

Down B: Ganon's ArmyEdit

Here, Ganon will use his lightning to summon one of his many minions to fight for him. The minion that appears is random, and there can only ever be one minion at a time. Trying to summon an new minion makes the older one dissapear. The possible minions include;

  • Moblins will patrol the stage and throw spears at enemies.
  • Goriyas throw bommerangs at opponents, which return to them if they don't hit anything.
  • Ghinis work very similarly to Michael Jackson Zombies, except they fly up to opponents. They still leach life off opponents when grabbing them and can only be shooken off when moving back and forth.
  • Armos walk around the stage and stab at opponents. They are very durable and are not easy to kill.

Move OriginEdit

Ganon in the CD-i Games (As well as the Canonic Ones) has minions, who are the common enemies in the game. In the moveset video, the inspiration clip was taken from AVGN 's Review of the Zelda CD-I Games

Final Smash: YOU MUST DIE!Edit

Ganon will make the screen go dark, while one of the opponents will comment on the darkness. When they use a lantern to light up all characters on screen, Ganon's shadow will overshadow the stage. Then, he will yell "YOU DARE BRING LIGHT IN MY LAIR? YOU MUST DIE!" His hands will then appear on screen. Here, the control stick will let his hands move back and forth while any button lets him unleash lighting that does massive damage. The darkened stage also makes it hard for opponents to see where they are going, possibly leading them to their dooms. When all opponents are killed or after a while, the smash will end.

Move OriginEdit

This move share the same origin as Electrobolt.

KO SoundsEdit

Smash LawlerEdit

KO Sound 1: DIE!

KO Sound 2: NO!


Screen KO: IT BURNS!


KO Sound 1: NO!



Screen KO Sound: Arh!


Smash LawlerEdit

Up Taunt: SILENCE!

Side Taunt: GRRRREAT!

Down Taunt: YOU MUST DIE!


Up Taunt: Grrrrrreat!

Side Taunt: SILENCE!

Down Taunt: You will DIE!

Victory PosesEdit

Smash LawlerEdit

Option 1: Join me, and I'll make your face the GRRREATEST of Koridai. Or else you will DIE!

Option 2: (Laughs with CD-i Bowser's laugh)

Option 3: You are my prisioner!


Option 1: Join me, and I'll make your face the GRRREATEST of Koridai.

Option 2: You are my prisioner!

Option 3: He does a weird face


  • Ganon was formally debatable in YTPguy17's Empty Slot. But after Ophelia Chill's Movesets, he be announced to get a movesets. This however was also plan by Smash Lawler, as he was also planned to do Ganon. So YTPguy17 agree with Smash Lawler and now Ganon have two movesets. So CD-i Ganon was the first two movesets by two lawler (Three, counting his Remake).
  • Smash Lawler's Ganon's original moveset had his victory and lose poses with bad timing, referencing the cutscenes' loading in Faces of Evil and Wand of Gamelon. This was removed in the remake version.
  • Smash Lawler's Ganon is the only character to have 2kinds of natural playstyle: Powahouse (due to being quite slow and being heavy) and Boss (because he needs help from his minions), he also is the only Law character to have 5 themes in his Moveset, mostly due to the CD-i music's length.

Smash Lawler's VideoEdit

Smash Bros Lawl Moveset - Ganon (Remake)

Smash Bros Lawl Moveset - Ganon (Remake)

I will remake your Moveset to be the the greatest in Koridai!

YTPguy17's VideoEdit

Smash Bros Lawl Moveset- CD-I Ganon

Smash Bros Lawl Moveset- CD-I Ganon