Inanimate Insanity


Inanimate Insanity

Appears in

Inanimate Smackdown

Special MovesEdit


This move can do damage, but theres a catch to do it. You can't do your side B or down without this move or your up b.

Side B: DesireEdit

This is one of the moves that bow can't peform without the B mobe, no matter where she is Bow will fly to the nearest chair (Only 3 chairs at a time) But if you use it too much on the same chair, then it will break apart. The other fighters can also break them by hitting the chairs.

Up B: Chaireal AttackEdit

With this move Bow can propell herself in the air and then throw one of her chairs to the ground. If you hit someone it'll break apart and damage the enemy. If it doesn't hit anything, it will stay on the ground like her neutral B.

Down B: Chair BlockEdit

Another neutral B powered attack. It's an effective counter move that can reflect projectiles. But if someone physically hits it then it will break the chair

Final Smash: Demented Pink HeadgearsEdit

Bow peform a instant K.O to anyone on the stage.


  • Down Taunt: *Weird face*
  • Side Taunt: *Angry face*
  • Up Taunt: Bonga!


Inanimate Smackdown Character Moveset - Bow

Inanimate Smackdown Character Moveset - Bow