Appears in

Smash Bros. Blaw

Special AttacksEdit

Neutral B - WarpEdit

Banjo gets out a GameShark and teleports. Anyone nearby while the bear and the bird teleport will take 10% damage in total for the flashes deal 5% damage. Banjo getting out the GameShark buys you some time to choose a direction to teleport in. If not, you'll just teleport in a random spot.

Side B - Beak BombEdit

Kazooie gets out and charges forth like a bullet. The farther away you are during this, the more damage you deal. In the air, this works great for a horizontal recovery.

Up B - Red FeathersEdit

Kazooie gets out and flies upwards for 5 seconds. Anyone in the way of them gets pecked, dealing 1% damage. You can do the beak bomb while you take flight. In any direction, in fact!

Down B - BackpackEdit

Banjo gets into his backpack and gets some shuteye. While he does so, he slowly recovers from damage. You can wake up by tapping A, or you'll wake up if someone hits you. Anyone near Banjo while he gets in is hit.

Final Smash - Nuts & BoltsEdit

Banjo runs off with a pile of materials used for construction. He then heads to the workshop and gets to work when Gruntilda runs on over to see what would be going on inside. She's then blown away, never to be mentioned by bear & bird again as a big-lipped alligator moment. Their flying machine appears on screen. Press A to make it rain Jiggys. Press B to self-destruct in 5 seconds.


  • Up Taunt: "I got the mystery green egg, the crystal jiggy, and the Payback DVD. Don't those help me at all?"
  • Side Taunt: Kazooie: "Whoo!"
  • Down: Taunt: "Da-hoo!"


Smash Bros Blaw

Smash Bros Blaw. Moveset - Banjo-Kazooie