Betty Barnett
Atomic Betty
"Atomic Betty, Reporting for Duty!"




Atomic Betty

Appears in

Smash Bros. Lawl Battle Royale




Neutral B - Laser BlasterEdit

Betty shoot lazer with her bracalet to an opponent. It can also give more damage when you change your laser in the bracelet and then you give 2x the damage or more.

Side B - Atomic Betty KickEdit

Like the Falcon Kick, Betty bursts forward and dose a kick, with reasonable start-up lag and wind-down lag. It cause reasonable knockback and damage, and often hits characters in shorthops, but is difficult to pull off and avoid punishment.

Up B - HoverboardEdit

Betty hop into her Hoverboard for basic recovering. You can fly up with the hoverboard up left and right by holding the press B.

Down B - Teleport to GGHQEdit

Like Jaime Maussan's Side B, Betty Teleport to a portal to dough and block when an opponent in hear her when she back on thr ground. The different betweem her move with Jaime is that it doesn't repelling.

Final Smash - Atomic Betty Rampage ComboEdit

Basically, Betty kicks your ass with a Rampage Combo. Any opponent who gets trapped by this will get massive damage and probably KO'd.


  • Up Taunt: Atomic Betty Reporting for Duty!
  • Down Taunt: I got a date!
  • Side Taunt: (Spliced by the BR Creator) I'm not scared of you, but you are dangerous! *giggle

Moveset ThemeEdit


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Smash Bros. Lawl Battle Royale Character Moveset - Atomic Betty